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Columbian Coffee Beans

Columbian Coffee Beans

Colombia is a diverse group of coffee growing regions spread from North to South along the three "cordilleras," the mountain ranges that are the Northern extensions of the Andes.

Colombian coffees can be outstanding! Most coffee comes from small family farms, especially from the growing areas we focus on (Huila, Cauca, Narino, Tolima, and Urrao).

When the picking and processing are done well, they can be exceptional in the cup: Silky body, cane sugar sweetness, floral hints, and traces of tropical fruits are found in the best Colombia coffees. Complex sweetness in Colombian coffee can recall the natural sugar, Panela, produced in some areas. 

We work with an exporter and farmer who organizes farmers and provides the logistics from the local warehouses in the coffee-producing zones through dry-milling and export. Read More. 

Normal Coffee Co Columbia Coffee Beans

Our In-stock coffee beans change often at Normal Coffee Co. Specific coffees from the region that we roast are below. Click here to shop fresh roasted single origin coffee beans. If your bean isn't in stock, check our other similar flavor profiles or contact us for suggestions.