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Brazilian Coffee Beans

Brazilian Coffee Beans

Brazil is the world's largest producer of arabica coffee (and not a small amount of robusta too).

Brazilian coffee is nutty, sweet, low in acidity, and develops nice bittersweet and chocolate roast tastes. There's a long tradition of roasting Brazil in the United States. Brazil is roasted and sold as a single-origin coffee -- by region, cooperative, or Fazenda -- but it is often used in blends for the sake of cost control. 

Brazil coffees are common in espresso, both in high-end blends and in commercial coffees like Dunkin Donuts. Even the broken fragments of beans and the dust from the dry mills are sold, ending up in some awful coffee product somewhere, most likely instant coffee. Read More

Normal Coffee Co Brazil Coffee Beans

Our In-stock coffee beans change often at Normal Coffee Co. Specific coffees from the region that we roast are below. Click here to shop fresh roasted single origin coffee beans. If your bean isn't in stock, check our other similar flavor profiles or contact us for suggestions.