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Costa Rican Coffee Beans

Costa Rican Coffee Beans

Costa Rica was always ahead of the curve when it came to coffee quality. They were ahead in the 90s and 00s by marketing regions (like Tarrazu) and estates (La Minita). And they were ahead when a shift occurred starting around 2005-8 when farmers started setting up micro-mills on their own lands, processing their own coffee rather than selling to big farms and multinationals, and producing distinct lots of specific coffee varieties and unique processing experiments. 

Today we find a great variety of coffee available from Costa Rica, traceable to the farmer level, and produced using (for the most part) eco-pulpers and other technological innovations to allow small-scale controlled results. The choices are seemingly endless. Read More.

Normal Coffee Co Costa Rica Coffee Beans

Our In-stock coffee beans change often at Normal Coffee Co. Specific coffees from the region that we roast are below. Click here to shop fresh roasted single origin coffee beans. If your bean isn't in stock, check our other similar flavor profiles or contact us for suggestions.