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Espresso Brewing

Espresso Brewing

Espresso is the basis for most fancier cafe drinks like a latte, cappuccino or americano. A shot of the concentrated serum is artfully mixed with other ingredients to serve up your order. 

To explain espresso, perhaps we should compare it to coffee. When it comes down to it, espresso’s brewing method is what really sets it apart. Espresso machines use pressure to push hot water through a filter basket, which creates a 'shot' of the good stuff. 

A shot of espresso only takes about 30 seconds to make. Other methods of brewing take longer because they rely on the slow filtering of hot water through your coffee grounds. There are countless strategies and books that baristas use to create fine espresso.

We ship coffee beans in different roasts (not just the popular dark-roast) for plenty of different flavors of espresso. Be sure to shop our beans today to see available options.