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Johnny & Ryan

Johnny & Ryan

When we started in the fall of 2021, we really just wanted to experience some great flavors and help a few friends drink better coffee. We never thought that the shop would take off like it did.

As of today, we ship our beans nationwide and serve a huge number of coffee club members every month. There are hundreds of people repping our gear, drinking normal coffee and spreading the word about us. Earlier this year, we decided to expand the products offered in our shop, reaching out to the creative community around us for ideas and artwork.

Johnny & Ryan met through a mutual friend and pretty quickly found their love for beans expanding into other areas of our lives. We both work day jobs and started to learn that we love to work together as well. A lot of work goes into starting a company doing something you love and we're no different. We just get to share our products with everybody ☕️💥😀 

Both Johnny and Ryan also love art and the makers that create. When brainstorming the shop's look and feel, we decided to bring the walls of your favorite coffee shop to you, by working with the artist themselves. Just like a brick and mortar cafe, you'll find some of our favorite pieces for sale from some of our favorite artists. 

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy. 

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